tell me where you are so I can see track the message as it goes thoughout the world

More than that, I want to hear your comments. If you believe I’m in error, then show me. I promise I shall repent publically, here, to correct this message if I am convicted to believe differently. I’m a considered man; I never wanted to publish this. I have owned this website for years, and had no idea why, nor did I ever have a thought to publish anything.

I did not take this lightly; I have to go with what I believe. I am responsible for it, and the gravity of that responsibility is immense. I understand how serious it is to lead people away from Jesus, and all manner of deceit.

Forgive me if I am wrong; I had to warn you.

I prefer that you contact me using a ProtonMail email account to keep our communication private between us, as they encrypt everything. The account is free: Click Here


William H. Johnson III