a warning for us all

This topic hit me as if with the weight of the world. It shook me, it shook my marriage, it shook my family, and none of us can ever be the same. I personally intend to make my commitment and keep the Sabbath, for the first time, on this upcoming Saturday, 12/18/2021. Correct or incorrect, I couldn’t, in good conscience, believe this message and not publish it.

Few things, if anything, are more important than relationship. In essence, I believe in a preeminent relationship, with god, through faith in Jesus, followed by a hierarchical structure of relationships, like a structure that defines each us throughout eternity. Obviously, my friends and family are invaluable. We're all connected and we depend on each other.

This teeny, tiny planet faces perilous times. All men are flawed. All governments are flawed. All churches are flawed.

If you cannot put yourself in every man's shoes, you are short-sighted. We need to help each other now because all of history is but a footnote to eternity. Someday, perhaps sooner than one might expect, all of the molecules in the universe will become insignificant to reality.

Don't find yourself wanting; prepare yourself for the day after your expiration date. That's the one that counts. That's when you review all of the other days, especially in light of how you treated all of your relationships.

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